Video Production

Video Production related work

We spent 11 days working with PaperDoll Militia as part of their artist’s residency at Summerhall. In their own words, “Unhinged is a duo fabric piece, which is currently being extended into a multimedia and movement driven “Live Photo Essay””.

We designed some of the lighting, and provided help and technical assistance, operating lights, sound and video. We also created a couple of short video pieces that are included in the show, and this time-lapse movie documenting the development process.

The photos that form the main new element of the piece are in the form of 35mm slides projected by kodak carousel projectors, and as solid as they are the age of the equipment has proven a bit of a challenge. We’re putting together a DMX control solution to allow the slide transitions to be run from the lighting desk, as it proved very challenging to run LX, sound, video and slides all at once.

The show premieres in June in the United States, but there will almost certainly be a Uk showing as well, which we’re thoroughly looking forward to.


We spent two weeks of December 2013 in Angola in southern Africa with Gandey World Class Productions looking after all the technical aspects of a new circus show specially put together for a short season of christmas shows, following on from a successful visit with the Chinese State Circus the year before.
While we were there we took the opportunity to try out the super slow motion on the GoPro Hero 3, and put together a wee edit of the restults. Quite nice, really. Sadly, we were a bit busy doing lights and sound for the shows to shoot any video or stills of them…!