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We recently filmed and edited two of Paper Doll Militia‘s pieces, performed at Re-Grip¬†at Summerhall.

The first is a trio piece, Ashes, devised by Sarah Holmes with Debbie Robbins and Phil Hardie. It’s a great high energy aerial performance which makes good use of the whole stage space, centred around a newly devised apparatus that uses weighted ropes to create unique and exciting choreography. As well as two HD cameras on the deck, we used a GoPro overhead to capture an unusual angle that really shows the performances dynamic use of space.

Seretide is a new solo piece by Sarah Holmes; again she’s devised new apparatus, this time using a dozen small ropes to create something that sits between aerial silks and rope in terms of choreography and skills. The multiple ropes make for a really interesting visual, and we’re looking forward to getting the opportunity to do some work with this apparatus again.

ow by gnomatron
ow, a photo by gnomatron on Flickr.

The 2012 UK tour of the Chinese State Circus was a great 4 months spent on the road. I was technical manager, and it was a privilege to work with amazingly talented artists who had been honing their skills for most of their lives. I’m pretty pleased with this shot of the Shaolin Warriors I took, it really nicely captures one of the many wince inducing moments from their performance. Those are perfectly ordinary housebricks, and there’s no special trickery involved. The guys have a great sense of humour too and are always good for a laugh.

It was a challenging tour, taking in 39 venues all across the UK. The show included a live band, massive double chinese pole and a cast of 30 performers. We visited a huge range of venues, from no.1 touring houses to community theatres, and at each had a single morning to install our rig of over 40 intelligent fixtures as well as rigging, set and props.