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We were recently commisioned to create a set of promotional photos for electronic musician Maki Yamizaki. We sourced a great albeit somewhat creepy location in the form of a disused large animal autopsy room, complete with crane, giant sinks and some slightly disturbing guttering. We used a mix of 800w redheads, LED pars and practical lighting to create moody and striking lighting, and shot in RAW on a Canon 5Dmk2. The final results turned out very nicely indeed, and Make was great to work with. We’re looking forward to collaborating again in the future.

maki yamizaki

maki yamizaki

Friday the 14th of March saw us back in Summerhall, this time providing technical support for the excellent scratch/experimental theatre night Anatomy. The night included theatrical, musical, dance and outright weird performances from Ed Crawley, Jusztina Hermann, Francesca Lacey, Manoli Moriaty & Frances Kay, Klaus Pinter, Sarah Roberts, Sara Zaltash, Scrapyard, and Voice Box Theatre.

We used some recently acquired LED fixtures to create a backdrop of striking colours to complement the variety of pieces presented as part of the “HAPPY RAINBOW RADIO FUNTIME SHOW”. Our friends over at Black Light provided UV lights for Sara Zaltash’s ‘Sex Sex Sex’, which she used to create a stunning effect for her fearless performance piece, and we rustled up some last minute Par16 Birdies for Francesca Lacey’s ‘Happiness’ – both the title of the piece and a description of what the birdies were used for.

Anatomy #8

There were too many performances to name individually, but they were all excellent. Special mention goes to the finale of the night, Ed Crawley’s ‘Death of a Double Bass’, a moving violent and unrepeatable one-off piece confronting grief and loss in a particularly visceral manner.

Anatomy #8

Photos courtesy of Richard Dyson

We spent 11 days working with PaperDoll Militia as part of their artist’s residency at Summerhall. In their own words, “Unhinged is a duo fabric piece, which is currently being extended into a multimedia and movement driven “Live Photo Essay””.

We designed some of the lighting, and provided help and technical assistance, operating lights, sound and video. We also created a couple of short video pieces that are included in the show, and this time-lapse movie documenting the development process.

The photos that form the main new element of the piece are in the form of 35mm slides projected by kodak carousel projectors, and as solid as they are the age of the equipment has proven a bit of a challenge. We’re putting together a DMX control solution to allow the slide transitions to be run from the lighting desk, as it proved very challenging to run LX, sound, video and slides all at once.

The show premieres in June in the United States, but there will almost certainly be a Uk showing as well, which we’re thoroughly looking forward to.